Our Mission

At MathAffect, we know that every child can be a successful math student, and we understand that traditional math tutoring is not always enough. Our personalized math learning interventions are based on the latest research in educational neuroscience. They include math tutoring for content, and then go further to include training in math learning strategies for both students and parents, collaboration with teachers and other professionals, and anxiety management techniques. Standard math tutors work with math content, repeating material covered during class. While math tutoring is a necessary component of any math learning intervention, it is important to go further to understand the goals, perspectives, challenges, and strengths that each individual brings. MathAffect approaches each case holistically, using the latest research in neuroscience, education, and math learning to create a manageable plan to get your child back on track, with a special focus on alleviating math anxiety while developing math skills.


Why focus on anxiety? Most students, both standard and nonstandard learners, suffer from varying degrees of anxiety, from causes as wide-ranging as low self-esteem due to a learning challenge like ADHD to a learned perception that girls are bad at math. Research shows that anxiety affects the ability to learn mathematics by interfering with working memory, a vital cognitive component of math learning. Alleviating math anxiety frees up your student’s cognitive resources that can then be employed in learning more effective strategies for math learning—strategies that are tailored to your student’s learning needs. In order to be effective over the long term, math interventions must include attention to the role of emotion in learning, as well as math tutoring strategies that are individualized for your child. MathAffect’s approach to math learning goes beyond math tutoring to create a comprehensive intervention that is personalized for your student.


MathAffect works with children, teachers, parents, and curricula to decrease the effects of math anxiety and reinforce teaching and learning strategies that promote a positive emotional climate in the classroom. With expertise in K-8 Education, Math Teaching, Scientific Research, Genetics, and Mind, Brain, and Education, MathAffect can help your school or family as you seek excellence.